2023-12-09- The social security you paid, surprisingly does not count towards the social security fund? -

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Your social security contributions do not count towards the social security fund? -


Your social security contributions do not count towards the social security fund?#

On December 6, 2023, the Ministry of Finance issued the Investment Management Measures for the Social Security Fund and solicited opinions from the whole society.


No, the social security fund mentioned here is different from the social security you mentioned.


The social security fund usually refers to the social security fund, while the social security you mentioned is the social insurance fund. Don't confuse the two.


How about we briefly explain each of them.

I. Social Insurance Fund

The social insurance fund is a special fund established by the state to guarantee the social insurance benefits of the insured, ensuring reliable financial security.


The "five insurances" mentioned here belong to the social insurance fund, which is contributed by employers and individuals in a certain proportion.


The social insurance fund provides guarantees for old-age care, unemployment, work-related injuries, medical care, maternity, etc. When the insured temporarily or permanently loses their ability to work or job opportunities, they can enjoy the insurance benefits and allowances provided by the fund.


The social insurance fund is managed by the Social Security Bureau under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

II. Social Security Fund

The social security fund is a strategic reserve fund established by the state to cope with the aging population, the pressure of social insurance payments, retirement system reforms, and other situations that may lead to increased national security pressure.


It can be seen that the social security fund is a supplement and adjustment for future social security expenditures such as population aging and pension insurance.


The social security fund should make use of the current and future periods when the aging problem is not yet severe to expand the fund size and ensure the stable operation of the social security system.

The social security fund is managed and operated by the Social Security Fund Council. This council was established in 2002 and is abbreviated as the Social Security Fund.


Obviously, both the social insurance fund and the social security fund require funds. So where does the money come from?

The sources of funds for the two are different.


But money cannot always be kept in a box. To achieve large-scale development, reasonable investment is needed.

The social security fund can be directly operated and invested by the Social Security Fund, but there are restrictions on investment products, limited to bank deposits, interbank certificates of deposit, equity investment funds, preferred stocks, etc.


However, direct investment is not professional after all, and the Social Security Fund can also entrust professional institutions to invest.

The scope of entrusted investment can be broader, including domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, funds, and derivative instruments.


Of course, not everyone can serve as an investment manager. There are certain thresholds, such as requiring the investment manager to have a paid-up capital of no less than 100 million yuan and at least 5 years of investment experience, and so on.


But whether it is direct investment or entrusted investment, there are proportion requirements for different assets, and the safety and stability of these funds are very important.

Compared to the social security fund, the investment style of the social insurance fund will be more conservative.


As you can see, the Social Security Fund can accept the entrusted management of the social insurance fund.


And this time, the investment management measures for the social insurance fund have started soliciting opinions, clarifying and adjusting the investment of the social security fund.

III. Investment Management Measures for the Social Security Fund

Let's focus on the key points.

  1. Investment Scope

The measures specify 11 types of products and tools that can be invested in.


After the adjustment, the social security fund can invest in more credit bonds and can use futures, options, and other hedging tools.

  1. Investment Proportion

The assets invested by the social security fund need to meet certain proportions.

Compared with the previous requirements, the management measures further increase the investment flexibility and support the development of the capital market.


Among them, the lower limit of the investment proportion of low-risk interest-bearing assets such as deposits and government bonds has been reduced from 50% to 40%, which is conducive to the social security fund's participation in slightly higher-risk investments.

  1. Reduction of Management Fees

When the Social Security Fund entrusts investment managers for investment, management fees need to be paid.

The new management measures moderately reduce the upper limit of the management fee rate.


In summary, the new management measures are aimed at improving the value preservation and appreciation of the social security fund and the safety supervision system, and adapting to the development of the financial market and investment management needs.

Finally, let's summarize today's main content.


Okay, that's all for now.



Did you know?

The public welfare funds from lottery sales are also allocated to the social security fund.


The so-called public welfare funds from lotteries are funds extracted from the sales of lottery tickets according to certain proportions, specifically used for social welfare, sports, and other social public welfare undertakings.


If you win the lottery but fail to claim the prize within the deadline, the prize money will also be included in the public welfare funds from lotteries.

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