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Airy Assistant: A Magical Tool that Combines Efficiency Tools with AI - TechNode#


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  • Platform: MacOS / Win11
  • Keywords: AI / Efficiency Tools / Translation / Memo / chatGPT / Search
  • Developer: Independent developer
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In the digital age, chatGPT has completely changed the way we interact with technology. Raycast on Mac has taken the lead in efficiency tools with its simplicity and powerful features, allowing users to easily manage daily tasks through a series of shortcuts and a search box. However, Windows users have been lacking such a tool, especially one that integrates AI capabilities. When will Windows users be able to enjoy the same convenience instead of memorizing a long list of shortcuts or getting lost among numerous efficiency plugins?

Driven by this question, I collaborated with several colleagues to develop Airy Assistant. Our goal is to address the pain points of efficiency software by providing a unified interface and entry point that integrates various efficiency tools used in daily life, including translation, to-do list management, chatGPT, and more, without the need to remember the individual shortcuts for each tool. With a carefully designed search box and shortcuts, Airy Assistant provides a smooth efficiency experience. By combining AI technology, it is not just a search tool, but a revolutionary innovation that simplifies computer operations.

Inspired by DeepL, we have expanded the "magic copy" interaction method. By simply selecting text and pressing the 'C' key twice (Cmd+C+C), the AI plugin can be activated to perform tasks such as translation or adding memos, without leaving the current interface or remembering additional shortcuts. Airy Assistant not only reduces the learning curve of efficiency tools but also makes daily computer operations more efficient and intuitive.

Core Features#

AI Translation#

In daily use, a common problem with many translation software is that a floating translation bubble automatically pops up when selecting text, regardless of whether it is in Chinese or English. For someone like me who values visual simplicity, this uncontrollable pop-up feature can be quite annoying. Although DeepL provides the shortcut operation of double-clicking "Ctrl+C" to avoid this problem, it brings another annoyance - the heavy translation window frequently appearing on the screen, which can be frustrating to use.


Airy Assistant - AI Translation

To solve these problems, Airy's translation tool was born. For this purpose, we have designed a clever mechanism: a lightweight translation window is only presented when translation is explicitly needed, for example, by using the shortcut "Ctrl+CC". This allows text to be selected freely without interruption, while enjoying fast and accurate translation services when needed. By using advanced language models like ChatGPT, Airy not only improves translation accuracy but also ensures the naturalness and fluency of sentences. This ensures a concise, efficient, and non-disruptive experience whenever translation is needed.

AI Memo#

In our busy work, sometimes even recording a simple to-do item can be bothersome. Common to-do list applications require me to open the software, enter the task, and set a time - which is suitable for important tasks, but cumbersome for small and fragmented tasks.


Airy Assistant - AI Memo

Airy's magic copy simplifies this process. Just select a piece of text, copy it, and then gently press the 'C' key to select the AI memo, and your task will be automatically recorded and refined, with the time being intelligently extracted and sorted. For Mac users, this AI memo can also be synchronized with the system's built-in "Reminders" app, allowing you to keep track of your tasks on any device.

In daily computer use, searching for and opening applications or local files can be a time-consuming task. Especially when it may require a lot of time to remember the specific location of files or search through desktop icons to find the desired application. This process is not only tedious but also disrupts workflow and affects efficiency.


Airy Assistant - Unified Search

Airy's unified search feature provides an elegant solution. By pressing Alt + Space, a unified search window can be summoned, allowing direct searching for applications and local files in a clean input box. There is no need to search layer by layer in the file explorer or constantly search for icons on the desktop. Simply enter keywords, and relevant applications and files will immediately appear in the search results, allowing them to be quickly found and opened. This intuitive and fast search experience greatly enhances the convenience and efficiency of computer use. Additionally, AI functions can also be directly used in this floating window, making it easier to utilize AI.

AI Screenshot#

In terms of user experience, Airy Assistant's "Screenshot + AI" feature brings new possibilities for efficient work. It cleverly combines screenshots with artificial intelligence technology, allowing text in screenshots to be easily passed to AI plugins for further processing and analysis. For example, directly asking questions using GPT after taking a screenshot, selecting the Debug Assistant directly after capturing error codes, or choosing English-Chinese translation directly after capturing foreign language content, and so on.


Airy Assistant - AI Screenshot

In addition, Airy also integrates GPT4-Vision technology, which allows for image dialogue understanding using the GPT4-Vision interface with just a click of the ChatGPT button after taking a screenshot. This not only improves processing speed but also enhances the intelligence of interaction. Through this approach, Airy Assistant not only provides a convenient workflow but also ensures efficiency and accuracy, bringing a smoother and more intelligent experience.

AI Plugins#

The AI plugin market is a platform that brings together numerous artificial intelligence applications, providing a range of efficient and intelligent plugin tools. This market covers various functions, from text creation to language translation, and even programming assistance, aiming to simplify and optimize workflows and daily tasks through AI technology.


Airy Assistant - Plugin Market

The key to these AI plugins is that they provide a quick starting point, saving time and allowing users to quickly enter the main phase of writing or working. They not only increase work efficiency but also allow for more focus on the depth and quality of content, continuously improving the final results through iteration.


First of all, thank you for your attention and support for Airy Assistant. Airy is currently in the early stages of development. Indeed, there are some bugs and imperfections in the software, but we are working hard to improve them.

Developing software is like an ongoing process of progress, and we understand that no outstanding product is created overnight. Therefore, we highly value and appreciate your feedback, as they are valuable resources for our improvement and growth.

We hope that you will continue to follow the growth of Airy and witness its improvement. Please believe that we are working hard to solve problems and continuously improve the product. We want Airy to be not just a software but also a reliable assistant in your daily life and work.

Finally, thank you again for your patience and support. We look forward to seeing a more complete and efficient Airy together with you.

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