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Tree.FM - Listen to the Sounds of Forests Around the World | 39 Real Forest Recordings - Appinn#


Tree.FM is a novel online service and Chrome extension that allows you to listen to real recordings from 39 forests around the world. Simply open your browser and start listening, it's that easy. @Appinn

Tree.FM - Listen to the Sounds of Forests Around the World | 39 Real Forest Recordings 1

The Real World in the Cloud#

Appinn has always had a tag: The Real World in the Cloud, which refers to content that digitizes the real world, such as:

Of course, there are also software applications:

It seems that we have another one this time:

Tree.FM is the sound of forests recorded by people from around the world, allowing you to escape into nature (pretend), no matter where you are, and relax your body and mind. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in the sounds of the forest, as they breathe life and beauty.

All audio files found in this project are part of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, which makes the sounds of the forest possible.

You can also submit your own forest sounds. All images are taken from Unsplash.

Watch a short video of a little green frog:

The speed may be slow. It can be used as white noise, but the duration is too short. It is still recommended to go to the forest and listen for yourself.

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