project: Building PKM Project

Project: Building PKM # Goal: Personal Growth # Project Initiation#

1. Background#

1. why#

Multiple attempts to establish a personal knowledge management system have ended in failure. I have tried various software such as "Wiz Note, OneNote, Mubu, flomo, memo, Obsidian, Youdao Cloud Note, Evernote, etc.", but none of them have successfully allowed me to establish a note-taking software that can accumulate and have clear internal relationships. Therefore, I have basically given up on this idea.

Recently, I suddenly came across two videos on Bilibili:
Why can't you use Obsidian well? Or other knowledge management tools_Bilibili
Practical use of Obsidian to organize information and establish a professional and knowledgeable knowledge map_Bilibili
This made me realize the problems I had before:

  1. Taking notes without a clear goal, just for the sake of taking notes (without a clear goal, it will eventually stop);
  2. I haven't carefully considered how to organize my notes in what form and structure. There is no complete system, and the accumulated knowledge is scattered and not connected;
  3. I blindly wanted to use popular note-taking methods found online, but in reality, these note-taking methods are different from my thinking patterns and recording habits, so I couldn't stick to them in the end.
    Inspired by these two videos, I am determined to start building a PKM system again. I have decided to use the project-based approach as the core of this system. This is the result of my thinking: [[The Importance of Goals]]

2. Current Situation#

I have several note-taking software in hand, and they all have some content, but they are not systematic, and their importance is not particularly high.

3. Expected Results#

  1. Establish a complete PKM system, express this system clearly in written form, and continuously optimize it.
  2. Use this system to accumulate and organize my knowledge base to achieve all the set goals.
  3. If this system proves to be effective, promote it to the outside world when there is an opportunity.

2. Project Breakdown Schedule#

1. Thoroughly study the existing PKM systems in the market and learn from the strengths of various systems.#

2. Design my own PKM system by combining the strengths of various systems with my own experience and needs.#

3. Try out this PKM system.#

4. Improve this system to make it continuously evolve and adapt to my needs.#

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